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“With the right lipstick, women can change the world”

The saying goes that, “with the right lipstick, women can change the world”, but did you know that this is actually based on fact? Harvard Medical School did a study on the “lipstick effect”- the psychological phenomenon that when a women wears make-up, she feels physically more attractive, increasing her self-esteem, attitude and personality… but did you know that it can actually boost your cognitive ability as well?

Basically, feeling yourself (and a little help from the right lippy) can help you get more ahead at work, giving you ✨Beyoncé-level ✨ confidence to go after the life that you want. It might sound a little superficial, but the science shows that seriously, that little bullet of lipstick is crazy powerful!

If you’re wanting to re-fresh your make-up routine and learn how to use that make-up brush in a way that will empower you and unleash that inner #girlboss inside of you, then our Personal Styling.. for your face! workshop is for you, because this study proves that there’s no need to hide your femininity to succeed in a corporate environment - instead it’s time for us to embrace it!

Our Glam Studio in Karrinyup.

What’s Involved

Personal Styling… for your face! is a 2 hour high-vibe one-on-one workshop with Emily, Director of By Emily Grace, completely personalised to you that will teach you how to master the perfect make-up application for you, so you can rock your “lipstick effect” confidence every day, whether that’s at the office, at the school pick-up, or just whilst doing the food shop at Woolies.


  • First, we’ll send you a little questionnaire for you to fill out about what you want to get out of the workshop- because we tailor the session to suit YOU! Tell us everything- your favourite features, and your not so favourite ones, what clothing you like to wear, your normal beauty routine, your lifestyle, and so much more - everything helps to create and define your personal beauty style.

  • When you first arrive to your session at our Karrinyup studio, we’ll pour your glass of bubbly, and then we’ll remove your make-up and give you a mini facial, because great make-up starts with great skin.

  • Next, we’ll do a skin consultation, defining your skin type and devising a skin treatment plan for you.

  • We’ll then do a full colour analysis to identify your colouring and the kinds of shades that best suit you, before going through our lookbooks of different make-up styles, and chat about your ideal make-up look, and how we can curate your personal beauty style.

  • We’ll then get onto the fun part- the application! I’ll guide you through two personalised beauty tutorials, applying make-up on one side of your face step by step, with you applying it on the other side. We’ll do a more natural “day-appropriate” look first, then a more “going-out” glam look for events and special occasions.

  • At the end of your workshop, we’ll give your hair a quick re-fresh, giving it a GHD straighten, curls or waves, so that you can leave feeling amazing!

  • After your appointment, you’ll receive a fully customised PDF guide in your inbox full of everything you learnt in your workshop, plus customised step-by-step make-up tutorials with your face in the pictures!

    This guide is perfect to keep on your phone for instant access, or print it off and keep in your bathroom.

WE’ll teach you the fundamentals of make-up, including:

  • How to find your perfect foundation shade, and how to apply it

  • Contouring & highlighting for your face shape, and blush & bronzer placement, to bring your complexion alive, look slimmer (because the first place that we notice that extra Christmas food weight is on our faces!), and look younger

  • How to use colour the right way

  • How to create your perfect 15 min day make-up look, and then how to amp it up for night, with our experts tips that save on time, not on style

  • Eye shadow & liner application for bigger, brighter, more open eyes, that flatters your eye shape

  • Brow defining for even the most sparse of brows

  • How to camouflage acne, sunspots, underage bags (or suitcases if you have kids!), pigmentation, scarring and rosacea

  • How to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

  • How to keep your make-up actually ON your face, without it disappearing or melting off!

The workshop runs for 2 hours from our studio in Karrinyup, with a glass of bubbles, tea or coffee, and nibbles provided.

Sessions available Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, with session starting times from 10am-6:30pm.


Show yourself some #selflove and get that Beyoncé-level confidence everyday, whether you’re strolling the aisles at Woolies, Insta-living it up in your home office, or rocking the boardroom!



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