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15 Millennial Pink Wedding Ideas


If you haven't guessed by all our blush pink accents on our website, we're total lovers of pink. There's something just so soft and feminine and romantic about pink, and so we love it even more when pink is used as an accent at a wedding.

1. These dusty pink chair sashes with posies. 

2. A pink fairy floss for a shabby chic feel.

3. These perfect blush bridesmaid dresses (P.S. blush pink flatters nearly all skin tones & hair colours 💁)

4. This gorgeous & simple wedding cake.

5. These lanterns for a budget friendly pop of pink 👌

6. This beautiful meringue tower.

7. These rustic invitations with just the right pop of pink.

8. This beyond-cute flowergirl dress.

9. These rustic centrepieces.

10. These pink napkins for an injection of pink.

11. These pink converse for the bride who wants to be comfy.

12. This perfect posy bouquet.

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13. This pink tie so your groom can join in on the millennial pink fun.

14. This dressing gown so you can be ✨ extra ✨ whilst getting ready. 

15. Finally, this blush pink wedding dress for all of the pink vibes 🙌

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Lots of love,

Emily xx