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Microweddings VS Pop-Up Weddings: Why More Couples Are Choosing Smaller Weddings

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I often joke to my newly engaged brides that when you first start wedding planning you almost need a glossary just to understand all of the different wedding terms that get thrown about- from boutonnière to bomboniere, to dais to damask, pew bow to pomander... it can make you go WTF! (which is an acronym for White Tie Formal, of course). Now, just to confuse brides-to-be even more, we have different types of wedding ceremonies, so it's not just your standard church-or-park wedding anymore. 

The newest kids on the block are Pop-Up ceremonies and Microweddings, and these are popping up all over Perth at present (please excuse the pun) as an alternative for couples who are looking for something a little more intimate that won't break the budget.

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What is a Pop-Up Wedding?

Pop up weddings are generally arranged by a group of vendors: celebrants, photographers, florists, videographers, stylists; who together perform multiple short and sweet ceremonies in one location in one day. Couples generally have the ceremony site to themselves for up to two hours for a small amount of guests (generally up to 30 at the most). Champagne toasts and canapés are sometimes included as a mini "reception" post-ceremony. Pop-ups are a fantastic alternative for the low-key bride & groom who don't want the stress of wedding planning to over-shadow the excitement of being engaged and planning a future together. The vendors, location, and date are all set for you, so all you need to do is rock up! The vendors also choose the ceremony styling, floral arrangements and other decor, so there's no need for spending endless hours scrolling through Pinterest- they've got it sorted! I've had quite a few brides choose a pop-up wedding for their ceremony, and they've planned a reception for their friends and family at a nearby restaurant afterwards, as you do have to leave the ceremony site fairly promptly so that the vendors can prep for the next couple. 

Pop-up weddings have a set price of roughly between $1500-$2500 in Perth dependent upon the location, vendors involved and the included services.


So then what is a Micro-Wedding?

Micro-weddings are normal weddings on a much smaller scale- think with the bare-minimum of guests, generally 15 or less. Microweddings have really become much more popular of late, as more and more couples are choosing to shun traditions and make their wedding much more about what they want, not what tradition and society dictates. The result is a smaller, understated and ultra-personalised ceremony and reception that suits you, not your great-aunt Martha. Most couples who choose to go down the microwedding route skip the bridal party, and keep the big day as stress-free as possible.

Microweddings are also a great alternative for those who love the idea of eloping to a unique and exotic destination, but want to involve those closest to them on the big day. The only drawcard to the microwedding trend is that you may hurt some feelings when cutting the guest list so harshly, but the result is a larger budget for the honeymoon!

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What do you think of these new trends of Pop-Up weddings and Microweddings? Are you planning your own Pop-Up or Microwedding? We'd love to hear what you think in the comments below!

Lots of love,

Emily xx

Outdoorsy Engagement Photoshoot Ideas

To me, there’s no better backdrop for a photo than the great outdoors. Living in West Australia, we are so very blessed to have so much gorgeous scenery just on our doorstep, so I love it when a couple takes full advantage of living in such a beautiful place and has their engagement photo shoot outdoors. 

Having your photo session outdoors gives you both full reign to inject some of your personality as a couple into your photos, and take natural photos of the two of you having fun and enjoying each others’ company, rather than stuffy, posed photos.

I love seeing photos of my clients embracing their inner child at their engagement shoot: piggybacking their partners, crossing over streams, running through the bush holding hands, with the gorgeous Australian bushland as the background, backlit by the setting sun.

What to Wear

I absolutely love the contrast of a flowing white dress against the rugged roughness of the bush- it makes for such a stunning juxtaposition. A natural fabric such as linen or silk plays so perfectly against the bushland, keeping with the natural theme of the photo shoot. A delicate lace also works beautifully, especially when paired with a red or blue flannel shirt tied at the waist, or the classic denim jean jacket. I love a simple flat brown leather sandal with delicate white dresses, or if you want to give the look a little more structure, a pair of black lace up combat boots or gumboots adds a little contrast as well to your outfit.

For him, you can't beat a classic pair of blue jeans, especially if you choose to style your dress with a denim jacket. If you're wearing a flannel, a little matchy-matchy never goes astray, otherwise a simple cream linen shirt will complement your white dress beautifully, without detracting from it's crisp whiteness.

Dress Suggestions from our Designer Dress Rental Collection:

-       Truese Silk Dress in Champagne (Size 6-8)

-       Alice & You Chiffon Maxi in Cream (Size 10)

Hair & Make-up

For outdoor photo shoots, I love to leave hair free in soft waves so that it can flow in running shots, as it looks absolutely gorgeous flowing in the wind, no matter what the length. A simple braided half-up half-down look is perfect if it’s a little windy, as it gently pulls the hair away from your face and adds extra texture to the style.

A natural glowing skin look flatters the surroundings at your photo session beautifully, and I love using bronze shades on the eyes to contour and brighten the eyes without looking too “made-up”. Lashings of mascara and a couple of individual cluster lashes at the outer corners open up the eyes, and a little apricot-coloured blush and a shimmery bronzer to give you a gorgeous, sun-kissed flush to your cheeks.

Lots of love,

Emily xx