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Making Your Wedding YOURS: Personalising Your Big Day


Have you ever noticed that most weddings tend to look and feel the same? Sure, they might have a different venue, different colour scheme, different florals, different wedding date, but there’s nothing that makes them unique to that particular couple. Swap your friend Jill’s wedding with your cousin Kate’s, and they wouldn’t seem out of place. We’re all about making your wedding unique to the both of you, and not cookie cutter, so that from the moment that your guests arrive to the time that they head home they’re saying, “that was so [your name] & [fiancé/e’s name]!”

When designing your wedding to reflect your personality as a couple, you need to first think about what makes you two YOU, and then think about how you could incorporate that into your wedding. What do you two like to do on the weekends? What’s your favourite date night activity? What are your favourite foods? What are you two known for? 

Do you both love the beach? If so, could you see yourselves having a beachside ceremony, dancing the night away at a reception venue with beach views, or just getting those post-ceremony photos taken at the beach?

Are you both big pizza eaters? Could you see yourselves serving pizza to your guests at your wedding? Maybe hiring a pizza truck to feed your guests post-ceremony, or as a midnight snack, or having a pizza bar as part of your reception dinner?

Do you both love creating cocktails for your guests when they come over for dinner? How about a signature cocktail named after the two of you available at the bar?

Are you both big tea or coffee drinkers? How about a coffee van coming post-ceremony during cocktail hour for your guests, or hiring a tea vendor to serve teas to your guests? (Perth brides: we ❤️ The Tea Booth!)

Are you both jazz music lovers? Then why not hire a jazz band to perform for your guests at the reception, or dance your first dance to your favourite jazz song?

Are you both big book lovers? How about having a romantic passage from one of your favourite books read at your ceremony? Or use books as part of your decor- think an arbour made out of books, or stacks of books as your centrepieces?

Do you both love the TV show ‘Friends’? Then why not include quotes from the show in your vows, have quote signs displayed throughout your reception, or even “Central Perk” customised coffee cups for your guests during cocktail hour?


Your wedding should give your guests a sneak peak of what you two are like as a couple, so inject your personality into it as much as possible- remember, it’s your wedding, so do it your way!

How are you personalising your wedding? Share your ideas in the comments below!